Warm Milk

When my mother was a child, my grandmother used to make her sit at the table until she finished her meal. My mother hated this because that meant she had to stay at the dinner table until bed time on the night’s grandma made potato soup. The reason – my mother hated warm milk.

The ironic thing about this story is that my mother used to make homemade hot chocolate. I guess the trick was instead of heating milk; my mother used dry milk which was activated when hot water was added to the cup.

I have to say I have probably gotten a little spoiled by this recipe. This past Christmas, my family gave me a Keurig and lots of K-cups. I was super excited to sample all my new brews. Plus, I was hopeful this would help break my at least once a week habit of purchasing Starbucks. I learned two very important lessons: 1) none of the chocolate K-Cups are anywhere near as rich as my homemade hot chocolate, and 2) Coffee made at home, no matter what I add to it, will never taste the same as my favorite Starbucks lattes. On some mornings, I just use my Keurig without a K-cup to heat the water for my homemade hot chocolate mix.

I should warn you though, this recipe is HUGE.  I would recommend cutting it in half or a fourth if you are giving this away as gifts.

Hot Chocolate

14 quarts dry milk
1 jar (6 oz.) dry non-dairy coffee creamer
1 c. powdered sugar
3 # Nestle Quik Chocolate Mix (I think it is two large containers with the bunny on them)
3 oz. instant chocolate pudding

Add 8 oz. of boiling water desired amount of dry hot chocolate mix. (Note: I like it really chocolaty so I use 3T. of hot chocolate to 10 oz. of water.)


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