Healthier Tiramisu

My ex-boyfriend P and I were trying to eat healthier. We both loved Italian dishes and dessert. Hope you enjoy this recipe for found in Kraft Magazine for tiramisu. I’ll not going to lie, it isn’t the real thing but it taste pretty good.

Easy Tiramisu for Two

1 tsp. instant coffee
2 T. hot water
4 Snackwell’s Sugar Free Shortbread Cookies, crushed
2 Jell-O Vanilla Flavored Sugar Free Reduced Calorie Pudding Snacks
1/4 c. Fat Free Cool Whip, thawed
1 tsp. cocoa powder

Mix coffee granules and hot water until coffee is dissolved; set aside. Sprinkle crushed cookies evenly into two dessert dishes; dizzle with coffee. Top with contents of 1 pudding snack each. Cover whipped topping; sprinkle cocoa powder. Serve immediately.

170 Cal, 5 g. Fat

Note: I think we used a 100 calorie packet the Keebler shortbread cookies instead of the Snackwells.


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