Komen Munch

While at training for work in Dallas, I met a co-worker with a similar passion for cooking. Our training class asked what her best dish was that she makes. Her fellow co-workers from headquarters immediately replied, “that party mix you make.” They called it “addictive.” I, of course, had to have this recipe.

While enjoying a few vacation days, I decided to test some of the many recipes in my repertoire. I wanted to make this one for my fellow Komen co-workers with pink M&Ms I had left over from Valentine’s Day. Oh my goodness, this recipe is amazing! It combines salty, sweet, and crunchy. What mouth wouldn’t love that? Bon Appétit!

Komen Munch by Rebecca Gibson

20-24 oz. (one package) of Almond Bark
3 c. pretzels sticks
4 c. Golden Grahams
1.5 c. M&Ms (I used plain Milk Chocolate)
1.5 c. mini-marshmallows

In a large (popcorn/That a Bowl), combine pretzels and cereal. In a small bowl, combine M&Ms and marshmallows. In a microwaveable bowl, empty contents of almond bark package. Melt according to package instructions. Once bark is melted, our over pretzel mixture and stir. Add M&Ms mixture (do this so you don’t melt these ingredients) and stir. Pour onto wax paper coated cookie sheets and let harden. After it is harden, break into chuck sized pieces.


  • This makes A LOT! If you aren’t sharing, half the recipe.
  • Rebecca suggest you change the name based on the color of M&Ms you use – Reindeer Munch, Cupid Crunch, Bunny Bites, etc. Love it!

Golden Grahams are actually healthier than I thought – only one gram of fat in a ¾ c. serving. I think you could probably substitute honey flavored Fiber One cereal or Cheerios if you think they are healthier. Another friend suggested Life or Chex cereal.


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