Drink Your Calories

I’m not sure where I got this recipe but it is another one of my Weight Watcher’s recipes. I tired this recipe for the first time the other night because I was trying to use up some milk. It’s only 2 Weight Watcher’s points so I figured I wasn’t really adding extra calories to my milk. I’ll be honest, it doesn’t really taste like a delicious Goodrich malt or a Starbuck’s Caramel Frapp but it is OK.

Chocolate Shake

1 c. skim milk
2 tsp. Jello brand Sugar Free Instant Pudding (Must use this brand our your points increase to 3)
1 tsp. vanilla
8-10 ice cubes (the more you use, the thicker it gets)

Blend on high. Makes one serving.

2 Weight Watchers Points


  • Buy a good blender or use smaller ice cubes. This took me awhile to blend to the right consistency.
  • I used flavored soy milk and I think it turned out fine.
  • You can also add whatever flavor you want of Jello to change this shake.

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