From Nebraska

I kind of feel like that cheesy “Hello Nebraska” song they used to run in the KOLN/KGIN 10/11 promos. But the truth is that some of my favorite foods come from Nebraska. For example, my Grandpa Fletcher will only eat Wimmers hot dogs (made in West Point). With their natural casing, they really are my favorite dogs too. I usually buy Martha Gooch pasta (made in Lincoln) to make my Great Grandma Reith’s Spaghetti. My mother uses Dorothy Lynch salad dressing (made in Duncan) to make her deviled eggs. Bakers Chocolates (made in Greenwood) make the best mint and caramel meltaway candies. And one of the first bottles of wine I feel in love with was Edelweiss by James Arthur Vineyards (made in Raymond). Many of these things can be purchased at one of my favorite stores in Lincoln’s Haymarket District – From Nebraska.

In a previous post, you may have noticed my aunt Irene posted that she is usually requested to bring Deviled Eggs to family get together. She does make delicious deviled eggs. I’ll be honest though, I’ve always been a little apprehensive about using vinegar to make deviled eggs. My Grandma Fletcher used way too much one Easter. Although my Deviled Eggs aren’t as good as my aunt Irene’s, they are super easy and pretty tasty. Consider giving this recipe a try when you don’t know what to do with all those leftover dyed Easter eggs.

Deviled Eggs by Kathy Bourek

Dorothy Lynch Dressing

Hard boil eggs to desired consistency. Peel off shell and cut in half. Spoon out yolk. Mix Dorothy Lynch Dressing with yolks and beat until smooth. (Add enough dressing so it is creamy and taste good – I can’t give you an exact amount.) Spoon the creamy yellow mixture back into egg halves. Refrigerate until you serve.


  • For those of you who don’t live in Nebraska, you can pick-up Dorothy Lynch at Hy-Vee grocery stores. They also sell Wimmers hot dogs and Martha Gooch pasta.

2 responses

  1. I LOVE Dorothy Lynch Salad dressing, it also makes a good base for sweet and sour sauce in Oriental dishes, the basis for almost all my BBQ basting sauces on the grill. Think I need to write a a blog about it. We can’t have enough in the house.

  2. I have lived in Iowa for 10 years and as of today I have been unable to purchase any Martha Gooch pasta products. I did in the past have the “Fareway grocery Stores” offering these GREAT PASTA Products–for some unknown reason the distribution of PASTA PRODUCTS ie Martha Gooch” has been discontinued! WHY?????? It is the best there is to offer and am sorely disapointed that there is NO AVAILABILITY except to bootleg them over ther state border from Nebraska I miss these tremendously and do LOVE the Dorothy Lynch salad dressing as well!!

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