Bubble Pizza

My uncle Tom is also my godfather. When I was a kid, he was the cool uncle because he was the young, single one. I remember when he used to star in the theatre productions as a college student at Wayne State. I got to be the voice recorded for a child ghost in one of them. I also remember my elementary school would always take a field trip to the college for their Spring Production because the plays were always kid friendly. After the productions, the actors would stand outside the theatre and give autographs. Everybody thought it was so cool that Alibaba, the star of Alibaba and the Magic Cave, hugged me and got stage make-up all over my face. Uncle Tom was also the uncle who gave me a doll that shot confetti and a Godfather’s gallon jug filled with candy. (Needless to say, I’m pretty sure these weren’t things my mother wasn’t too happy with her baby brother about.)

I was a 3rd grader when he married my aunt Annette. I was so excited to be a part of their wedding. I remember the first time I tried Cherry Coke was at their first apartment in Lincoln. After my uncle finished student teaching, Tom and Annette moved to Iowa. We didn’t go to visit them a lot but I remember my aunt always cooking up some new recipe. I don’t remember exactly when we tried Bubble Pizza but it was a fun spin on traditional pizza.  

Bubble Pizza by Annette Fletcher

1 jar of pizza sauce
1 can of refrigerator biscuits, cut into quarters
Your favorite pizza toppings (hamburger, Canadian bacon, pepperoni, mushrooms, etc.)
Mozzarella cheese

In a bowl, mix pizza sauce, chopped biscuits, and pizza toppings. Pour into a greased glass 13 x 9 pan. Cook at 350 degrees for 15- 20 minutes. Top with cheese and cook another 10-15 minutes, until cheese is melted to desire.


  • Recipe is done with biscuits are no longer doughy – which usually take a little longer if you use the larger kind of biscuits.
  • I was just thinking today, this might be fun to try with a garlic Alfredo sauce, grilled chicken, spinach, and mushrooms. Or maybe a breakfast or Mexican pizza version.

2 responses

  1. Thanks for the reminder about Annette’s bubble pizza. I haven’t made it in awhile, but it was our go-to weekend treat at one time.

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