Kitchen Gadgets I Use All the Time

Here are just a few of my must haves in the kitchen:

  • Quality knives – My mother game me a set of Paula Deen knives. They cut great. The only down side is they can’t stay wet so they have to be washed by hand and dried immediately after use.
  • Good set of pots – I have Rachael Ray’s oval pans. One is like a sauté pan and the other is designed to cook pasta without having to break it in half. I use the sauté pan all the time. The best part is the pans are dishwasher safe.
  • AerolatteAerolatte – I use this little device to create milk froth for my lattes. LOVE IT! Super easy to use and paid for itself in the cost of about four coffee beverages made at home.
  • Slider measuring spoons – they work great for recipes with multiple ingredients. The Pamper Chef ones are my favorite.
  • Mini-whisk – This really does make a difference when you are scrambling an egg. I brought mine at Crate and Barrel.
  • Food processor – My mother bought me this big one. It’s a total blessing because I always have enough room to process anything (stewed tomatoes, Oreo cookies, or nuts).
  • Bubble & Brown dish – My mother gave me for Valentine’s Day last year a Bubble and Brown dish from Rachael Ray. It works great for cooking meat, dessert, or side dishes. I also cleans up very easily and is dishwasher safe.
  • Nesting bowls – These are great for recipes that need more than one bowl. They also take up less space in the cupboard because they were designed to fit inside each other. I would also recommend picking a set with rubber on the bottom so they don’t move all over the place while stirring.
  • ThatabowlThat-a-bowl – Every once in a while you get a huge recipe that really can’t be stirred in a normal bowl. This genius invention by Tupperware is also great for storage of food.

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