Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies

I ran across this recipe in a Kraft Magazine and thought it sounded good. With a little bit of a kick, maybe this recipe will be perfect for your Super Bowl party.

Bacon-wrapped Little SmokiesBacon-wrapped Hot Dogs by Kraft Magazine
9 slices bacon, cut in half
6 hot dogs, cut into thirds
1/3 c. brown sugar
1/4 tsp. ground cayenne red pepper

Heat oven to 400 degrees. Wrap bacon piece around hot dog. Roll in sugar and pepper to coat. Place seam-side down on a foil lined cookie sheet. Bake 22 minute, turning halfway through baking.

Notes: I substituted 18 little smokies for cut up hot dogs. I would also cook them a little shorter – maybe 18 minutes.

Cranberry Meatballs

I’ve eaten a lot of meatballs over the years but this is one of my best recipes. It came from Simple & Delicious magazine.

Photo from Taste of Home

Photo from Taste of Home

Creamy Cranberry Meatballs by Amy Warren
2 envelopes brown gravy mix
1 package of frozen meatballs
2/3 c. jellied cranberry sauce
2 tsp. Dijon mustard
1/4 c. heavy whipping cream

Prepare gravy according to package. Combine meatballs, cranberry sauce, mustard, and gravy in a Crockpot. Cover and cook on low for 3-4 hours. Add cream last 30 minutes of baking.

Note: I used turkey meatballs and it tasted just fine.

Turkey Bacon Roll-up

During my most recent trip to Social Suppers, I made this super simple recipe. I’m not sure why it hadn’t occurred to me to make this on my own. Try it hot or cold.

Turkey Roll-upTurkey Bacon Roll-ups
ranch dressing
9 pieces of deli sliced turkey
6 tsp. shredded Cheddar cheese
6 tsp. cooked and diced bacon
3 tsp. scallions
3 flour tortilla shells

Layout three flour tortilla shells and squirt with a little ranch dressing. Top each with three slices of turkey, 2 tsp. cheese, 2 tsp. bacon, and 1 tsp. scallions. Roll-up in foil. Bake at 325 degrees for 15 minutes.


  • This recipe can also be served cold.
  • Can be made ahead and frozen.
  • Substitute ham and Swiss cheese for change.
  • Slice into bite sized pieces to serve as appetizers.
  • Use wheat shells and low fat ingredients to make it healthier.


For my friend and co-worker Denise’s baby shower, our Executive Director made some great Mexican food. I asked her for the recipe for her tortilla bites because I couldn’t stop munching on them. I hope you also enjoy these fun little snacks.

Pinwheels by Lori Maris
5 – 10″ flour tortillas
parsley to garnish
1 (8 oz.) sour cream
1 (8 oz.) cream cheese
1 (4 oz.) chopped olives
1 (4 oz.) diced green chilies
1 c. fine grated cheddar
1/2 c. green onions, chopped
1/4 tsp. garlic powder

Mix togther by hand, divide filling over totillas – spread to edges. Roll-up. Cover with Saran Wrap. Refridgerate for two hours. Slice into 1/2 inch thick slices. Make 50 slices.