Make Ahead Breakfast

I saw a recipe on Pinterest encouraging people to save money on McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches by cooking them yourself. To be honest, I really don’t like McDonald’s breakfast. I know, you probably are in complete and total shock. I’ve always been more of a fan of Burger King’s Croissan’wich. Although I haven’t had one in years, I also really liked the Hardee’s Sourdough breakfast sandwich. I suddenly have a craving to see if they still carry this item. Perhaps I should check on my way to work one morning. But I’m getting a little off track now.

As a kid, my sister and I used to spend a lot of time at our Grandma and Grandpa Fletcher’s house. When my mother had to work on Saturdays or a day off from school, we would ride up to Wayne and hang out with Grandma. My Grandma had a routine that included mass, breakfast at Popo’s, Bible Study, lunch out (usually Popo’s but sometimes for piz-za), and an afternoon project. Sometimes we would clean. Other times we would be doing one of my grandma’s many hobbies – ceramics, puffy paint sweatshirts, sewing baptismal bibs, making Barbie clothing, oil painting, etc. But sometimes Grandma would get it in her head that she could make something even better food wise at home. My Grandma loved “The Snackmaster” – she would put anything between two slices of bread (pre-low carb diet days). Another one of Grandma’s creations was the breakfast sandwich. Grandma would make them in the microwave usually with bacon (one of her favorites).

Although I think I can make a better tasting fresh breakfast sandwich pretty quickly, I did like the use of the muffin tin to cook eggs. It’s a great way to prepare eggs to everyone’s liking. I just wish I had used my silicone muffin cups because baked on egg is a mess to clean up. I also liked the crunch of the English Muffin.

Eggs your wayBreakfast Sandwiches
English Muffins

Crack each egg into it’s own muffin cup. Bake at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Undo English Muffins and place on a baking sheet. Cook at the same time for 10 minutes on the lower rack. Remove from oven and place eggs on muffins. Top with cheese and bake for 5 additional minutes to melt.

If frozen, reheat for 25 minutes at 350 degrees.


  • I made a scrambled egg with ham. I think the add-ins (spinach, tomato, turkey bacon, etc.) are endless.
  • I made an over hard egg.
  • I also made an egg white with fat free cheese.