Cheerios Treats

Not exactly the healthiest way to eat Cheerios but definitely a tasty treat.

Cheerio TreatsCheerios Treats from Pinterest
1 c. sugar
1 c. light corn syrup
1 c. creamy peanut butter
1 tsp. vanilla
5 c. Cheerios

Bring sugar and corn syrup to a boil over a medium heat. Boil for 1 minute. Remove from heat and add vanilla and peanut butter. Add Cheerios. Drop spoonfuls on waxed paper.


  • I used reduced fat peanut butter.
  • I used Honey Nut Cheerios but Multi-Grain contain 3 g. less of sugar per serving.

Caramel Pecan Cups

Here is a simple breafast dish sure to please all. I got this recipe from my mother but I’m not sure of the original origins of this recipe. Although the original recipe has pecans, I don’t like nuts so I make it without. It delicious both ways.

Caramel Pecan Cups by Kathy Bourek

2 T. butter
1 T. light corn syrup
1/2 c. Bisquick
1/4 c. milk
1 tsp. sugar

In two glass custard cups, evenly split the butter, corn syrup, and nuts. Melt in the microwave for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes on high. Meanwhile, mix remaining ingredients in a small bowl. Once butter is melted, spoon even amounts of Biquick mix into custard dished. Microwave for another 1 to 1 1/2 minutes (until no longer doughy). Remove from microwave and cover with a plate and invert. Careful remove custard cup, spooning excess caramel onto dish. Let cool slightly before serving so you don’t burn your tongue.